Secure Your Accident Benefits with Experienced Catastrophic Personal Injuries Lawyers


Dealing with Catastrophic Personal Injuries

We’ve all heard the saying that our lives can change in an instant. Victims of a catastrophic personal injury as a result of an accident will have their lives changed and the quality of life negatively impacted for the remainder of their  life. Specifically defining what constitutes a catastrophic personal injury can be very difficult, especially injuries that pertain to the brain and spinal cord. For instance, traumatic brain injuries often have devastating immediate results for the victim, but some of the symptoms may not become present until after a considerable amount of time. Symptoms such as changes in personality, memory loss and judgment can have a huge impact on the victim as well as family and friends who do not understand the nature of the injuries.

An experienced catastrophic personal injuries lawyer has the knowledge necessary to help clients navigate this largely misunderstood area of law including catastrophic personal injury claims as well as psychiatric and post-traumatic stress claims.

An empathetic and experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can also be beneficial in helping to arrange medical and rehabilitative care that the victim requires. The experience in dealing with these types of injury cases is vital in helping the people around the victim (such as family members, friends and co-workers) understand the extent of the injuries and what to expect going forward.

Pursuing a Catastrophic Injury Claim

If you have sustained a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, it will severely change your life in terms of physical limitations and potential psychological effects. Recovery is often long and it may last the rest of your life. This makes it very important to pursue the accident benefits you are entitled to under the law when you have suffered a catastrophic injury.

If you have suffered a catastrophic personal injury, a successful claim may entitle you to the following benefits under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS):

  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Attendant care
  • Income
  • Caregiver
  • Housekeeping expenses
  • Other healthcare costs

These benefits are in place to help victims move forward with their lives and focus on the road to recovery.

Professional Advice and Catastrophic Injury Law Services

It is important to start the process of pursuing a claim as soon as possible after the injury is sustained. As expected, insurance companies often make it difficult for people to submit claims for catastrophic injury benefits due to the high costs of the benefits, so the process of submitting a claim and having it approved can take a very long time. An experienced catastrophic injuries lawyer will be familiar with the tactics that insurance companies commonly employ to delay claims and work with you to expedite a successful claim.

Sokoloff Lawyers is a multi-ethnic, boutique law firm in Toronto with a focus on helping clients with all varieties of serious injuries. They can help you cope with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury by providing efficient access to medical referrals and treatment providers to allow you to focus on your recovery. Sokoloff has the experience necessary to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, but they also have the resources to take your case to court if necessary.

Catastrophic injuries are devastating for everyone involved; take the steps necessary to secure the benefits and settlement you are entitled to by contacting a Sokoloff catastrophic personal injuries lawyers today.